Safelink Wireless


Safelink Wireless from TracFone Wireless Inc has been available in Michigan. It is a free cell phone service from United States government. The service which given to people by using Safelink Wireless, is free. Even though it is a free product from government and the collaboration with TracFone, but it is not as easy as it looks to have it. Some requirement should be done to get the free cell phone service from Safelink Wireless. Not all United States people can get the product. There will be some form to fill and certain regulation to follow.

Applying for Safelink Wireless in Michigan

In Michigan, the requirement for Safelink Wireless is available in two options, they are the income based method and the public assistance based method. Those methods should not be both done. We can choose one, the one we can fulfill correctly. For some people, it will be easier to use their income document to get the free service. For a certain reason, the government offers the free cell phone service from Safelink Wireless for people who have sacrificed some of their life for other people. Find out more at

Safelink Wireless

In income method based, we should join of the public assistance program which available in the state. We should only participate in one program, and we can be qualified for getting Safelink Wireless. We also do not have to give a document to prove that we involve in public assistance program. On the other hand, the Safelink Wireless is available for low income people. When we choose this method, our annual income should be at or under 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for Michigan’s regulation. Then, we should prove how much we earn a year by giving last year tax form. It will be better to be included by employer letter.

For Your Holiday This Year!

Okay, summer may be over. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t take any more holidays. Go ahead and take a look at any destinations today. Or if you’re wondering where to go, let me suggest Vietnam for you. Yes, Vietnam! It may not be as big or famous like Thailand or Malaysia or Indonesia. But Vietnam has its own interesting cultural diversity. They offer great things for you to explore.

Exploring Vietnam

Joining a Vietnam tour (circuit Vietnam) is the easiest way for you to explore Vietnam. You can always tailor the tour based on your personal preferences. Even if you have some medical conditions, your travel agent could give you suggestions on things you can and cannot do. After all, you won’t get bored easy with Vietnam. There are just so many things to learn and do. Trekking, rafting, and visiting the temples and other landmarks. Have a pick on the activity.

Vacation or Vocation

You can use Vietnam as a chance to spend your holiday. But you can also use the country as a way to serve goodness to people. You can volunteer to some projects, whether by teaching or building places in some remote villages. Doing good while enjoying holiday, sounds like a good plan, no? Who knows, you might even fall in love and choose to dedicate yourself there for real.

Holiday means taking days off to enjoy the things you love the most. You can enjoy the scenery or do a retail therapy, or maybe do a social work for the locals. It’s a great way to pick up the culture and language while having a holiday. It’s also easy to enter Vietnam. All you need is a legit invitation letter so you can get your visa on arrival without any hitch. The rest for you to do is enjoying the country.

Eucalyptus Rainbowtree

Eucalyptus Deglupta, also known as the Eucalyptus Rainbowtree is a tall tree that grows mostly in a moist humid tropical and subtropical climate. It is a very popular type of tree by the way it has unique characteristic, which is a multi-color barked tree. Eucalyptus Rainbowtree is also popular for people in looking for gardening interests. Many people thought that Eucalyptus Deglupta is native to Australia, when in fact it is native to some islands of the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and some parts of New Britain.



This evergreen tree is very large, broad-leaved, and grows very fast.In the native habitat, it would grow up to 250 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 6 feet. When it is growing outside the habitat, Eucalyptus Deglupta can grow only up to 100 to 125 inches due the difference of the climate.


This tree is well known of the multi-hued bark that consists pale green, orange, maroon, gray, and purple-brown with a bright green inner bark. The bark will be discharged every year at various intervals, revealing the phloem that would eventually mature and change in the summer. Its overwhelmingly beauty color contributes to the landscape and nature aesthetics.


Eucalyptus Deglupta is commonly used for pulpwood in the paper production, because of the fast growth. It is also grown widely in all around the world in tree plantations, either for making paper, city parks, or aesthetic purposes.

Due the native of Eucalyptus Deglupta, which is tropical and subtropical, it is not resistant to the frosts. It is not recommended if your place has winter season. However, if you are interested in growing this tree, the climate of your place needs to be at least similar with the native area to get the maximum quality growth of the tree.

The Variety Locksmith Service in Paris

SOS Habitat has provided services of locksmith in Paris (serrurerie Paris) for 12 years. This company has made the locksmith business move into the next level. By this company, the service of the locksmith has been more sophisticated than long time ago. The service from SOS Habitat has been variety. We can call for basic service such as door locks. Otherwise, we can use the service to upgrade our security system, such as installing blocking metal curtains or shutters. Nowadays, the job of locksmith is not only fixing locks on the door. Continue reading The Variety Locksmith Service in Paris

The Journey from Singapore to Mersing

The attractions in Mersing have attracted people in Singapore to visit the city. The traditional places and beautiful natural tourism spots are interesting enough for Singaporeans who live daily in big city, such as Singapore. Amount of cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore can be classified as modern city. Mostly, people who live in the big modern city will need a day or two to relax from the hectic day and heavy traffic jam in the quite town. It seems that Mersing offers what they really need, from traditional market until beautiful beaches. Continue reading The Journey from Singapore to Mersing

Commonly Asked Questions about Bru-Bag

Since years ago, American people have been familiar with Cornhole and beer pong. If you like them too, it will be good news for you that today, you can play the games at the same time. Yes, Bru-Bag is an outdoor game that combines Cornhole rules and beer pong ones thus you will not get bored when playing it. All the excitement is there in the game. Ask your friends and family to play it with you and be ready for the extreme happiness you are going to get.


Bru-Bag is very easy to play especially if you are familiar with Cornhole and beer pong. All you need to do is tossing the bean bags to the holes and if your opponents make it, you have to cover the holes immediately so they cannot sink another bag to the same hole. However, although this game is easy and simple, it does not mean there is no question about the rules. Let’s see some commonly asked questions below, who knows you have them too:

Do I have to cover the hole immediately after an opponent’s bag goes through?

Definitely yes. Just like what you usually do when playing beer pong, you must cover the hole soon after your opponent’s bag goes through it. If you do not do that, your opponents may toss another bag to the same hole and this will result in an instant win, meaning that you will automatically lose the game. This something you do not expect, isn’t it? So, make sure you do it right.

Can I throw overhand?

Another yes. Compared to Cornhole, Bru-Bag is more flexible as it gives you freedom to choose your throwing style. Even if you want to throw the bag overhand, it does not matter as long as the bean sink to the right place, either on the board game or in the hole. Any other question?

Let’s Improve Your TV Sound

Improving your TV Sound

It is very easy to spend a lot of money on audio equipment and you may want to protect your investment. Your investment is part of your speakers. They need little care to keep them able to work in top condition. Unfortunately, people do not often consider their specific needs.

This article is useful to help guide and prevent damage to the speakers on the general conditions. Fortunately, these steps are very easy to apply.

The first thing to note is hot. Storing or using your speakers in a hot environment will cause them to degrade voice quality over time and shorten their lifespan. Find cool climate environment where they can be stored safely and when you do travel. Try to keep them away from strong sunlight.

The second thing that should be noticed is the humidity. High humidity environment is not good for the speakers. Again, it is best to store them in a cool climate environment where they are not subjected to various levels of humidity. Furthermore, if you intend to use your speakers outside, be sure to have a method to protect them from the rain. Even a small amount of rain can damage the internal speaker cone bass and causing rust on the inside of the speaker.

Dust is also an enemy of the speaker. Of course, it is almost impossible to avoid dust. However, you can take steps to reduce dust. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up parts of your speakers from time to time. Let dust accumulate will eventually start to affect the sound quality of your speakers.

Q Acoustics

Be sure to keep the protective cover on your speakers, especially for your TV speaker you should choose Q Acoustics because it will help you to get the best sound. Prepare your ear to listen the best voice.

Get your UFC bet money on Bet Us

Have you ever heard of the practice of sports betting? If you have, you must know that Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is one of the most popular betting sports right now. In fact, it is very popular online that it makes it impossible not to run on online sports book dedicated for UFC bet when surfing online. But if you want only the best sports book for your gambling activities, you better pick Bet Us. Bet us is not just a regular UFC bet sports book, but also a very good one. Here are some of the reasons why you should be using their services instead of the others.

Clean and Simple Site

Some of the downfall of many betting site out there is that they make their website too difficult that people become lazy to bid using their site. But it is a totally different story with Bet Us. In fact, they have a really clean and minimalistic website that can be operated so easily almost by people of all ages. You can pick your UFC bet under the sports book section along with other sites such as NASCAR, Golf, Ice hockey and many more. Other than sports, you get to bid on other gambling method such as race book and casino.

Only the latest match

Another downfall of many similar website is that they put too much matches on their front page. It makes people confused in which match they can bid on, and whether it is the right match or not. But with, you will only see the newest and the most current match possible. Therefore you will not be made confused by the match schedule on the site. If you really want to put your money on Bet Us, you can start making your own research by heading to their online page.

How to Get to Genting Highlands from Singapore

From the available transportation to Genting Highlands from Singapore, it seems that taking a bus will be more exciting that taking plane. On, we can get many options for our bus journey to Genting Highlands from Singapore. We are guaranteed that the long journey will give us some pleasure.


Step by step to go to Genting Highlands

First thing we should do is choosing the date. The available buses to get to Genting Highlands are only on weekends. Then, we choose date and clear the weekend to get to an entertainment journey. As entertainment place, we could expect the place will be crowded and the transportation may be high. Some bus companies usually charge more because of public holidays or peak season. Therefore, planning carefully will help our holiday arranged well. We may need to book and buy the ticket in advance. The best rates usually are available long before the date.

There are many travel agencies which offer bus as the transportation from Singapore to Genting Highlands. Every agency offers different price. Besides that they usually have different time of departure. We can choose between WITS Travel, Five Stars Tours, Transtar Express, StarMart Express, Sri Maju Group and CitiExchange. We can compare the price and the date on the Otherwise, we can visit every agency’s website to find out the detail information. When we check the website, we should see the location, the time of the departure, and the time of the arrival. Averagely, the rates are started from 25 Dollars Singapore until 45 Dollars Singapore.

Nowadays, some of the bus agencies provide online booking. It will be useful for in advance book. If the online booking is not available, we will need to visit the office of sales center of the agencies to buy the ticket.

The Pros and Cons of DNA Testing, Do You Agree?

At home and legal DNA testing has proven to be helpful for many people to reach many purposes, such as getting child support, immigration, claiming inheritance and insurance, and so on. The good thing is that you do not need to do a long process or wait for years to get the result; just take the cells sample from your blood or inside cheek of the mouth and send the sample to the experts. Within one or two weeks, the family relationship between a child and the potential father or mother will be relieved.


But, although the testing is very beneficial, there are some controversies in relation to this. What are the pros and cons and why some people think it is good yet the others say the opposite? Find the answer here and later on, decide in which side you are standing:

The pros

Since 1953 when Watson and Crick discovered the three-dimensional double helix form of DNA molecules, more and more research were conducted on this subject as scientists believe the findings will be beneficial for many people. They are right; DNA testing is helpful for solving many problems related to paternity, crimes, and health.

It is an obvious advantage that by analyzing the DNA molecules between a child and is potential father, you will know whether they have family relationship or not. While for crimes, DNA testing has proven to be effective to find the suspects of a murder just by examining the fingerprints left in the place. Medical history can also be revealed by seeing the DNA as some diseases are genetic.

The cons

Some people think that family relationship is something sensitive that you cannot carelessly test or observe. While for crimes and health, well, it is true that you can get needed information from DNA testing, but do you know that it can be manipulated? DNA testing can be dangerous in this way. So, what do you think?