Hi ladies, what should we do when we wake up and saw to a mirror, we find there are acnes on our face? It certainly will make us immediately stressed and confused to think how to eliminate the acnes. Moreover, if we are going to do an important presentation and we have acne on our face, it can damage our appearance.


Calm ladies, every woman will not want to have the annoying guests called acne. In some people, acne can make them very depressed. We will lose our confidence when knowing the presence of acnes on our face. Acne is very disturbing, especially when we will have the important events, such as weddings. Then, what is the cause of acne? And what can we do to eliminate acnes? This article will provide information about acne and how to overcome them.

A. Causes of Acne

Acne has always been a serious problem for most women. This is because acne will damage our beauty. Moreover, if acnes leave black scars on our faces, it will make us become more stressed.

Acne can occur due to hormonal factors, the cleanliness of our skin, or even dietary factors that can trigger acne. Hormonal factors, such as pregnancy, menstruation, or stress, can make acnes come to our face. Besides, acne can also occur if we do not keep our faces with good hygiene. Oily skin will trigger the appearance of acne on our face. The pores on our face will be clogged and acne-causing bacteria will grow very fast. When we find acnes on our face, do treatment properly, or go and consult with the experts. If Acne is not handled properly, it can lead to infection and inflammation that can be harmful to our skin.

B. How to treat acne?

There are several ways that we can do to treat acne. Acne treatment depends on the type and severity of acne. By knowing our grade of acne, we can easily determine how acne treatments we must take correctly. If we have moderate acne, we should go to a dermatologist or an esthetician to do the treatment. Doing acne facial with the expert will help us. We have to do the treatment regularly or according to be recommended by our dermatologist or esthetician.

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