Things You Cannot Ignore about Lipo Laser Machine

To avoid having a fatty body, there are several things you have to do like exercising regularly and being on a balanced diet. However, sometimes the condition has been too severe to be treated that way. What I am saying here is that in some cases, doing all the things will take too much time while you need something more effective than that. Nah, this is the right time to have a look at one nice option called laser lipo, haven’t heard about that? For your information, lipolaser is a treatment to reduce excessive fat in your body without doing any surgery as it uses a special machine. This is quite different from the popular liposuction in which you have to go the operation room to get the treatment.


Now talking about the machine, several things have confused the users due to assumptions by the people. Here, as taken from the website, I am going to share some important factors you need to pay attention to. Let’s check it out:


People tend to think that the higher the wavelength of the machine, the more powerful it is. While in fact, this assumption is proven wrong because the most powerful equipment has the smallest wavelength if you believe that. The smaller the wavelength, the higher the frequency and that is what you need to reduce your fact and firm the skin.

Fluence and power

For your information the fluence of the laser has nothing to do with the power. The power is highly affected by the wavelength, while the fluence of a lipo laser paddle is caused by a large number of diode in the machine.

Cooling system

Just like a human that needs to rest after doing things, the machine does too. That is the reason why cooling system is important here to avoid the equipment from being overheated. Once the temperature goes too high, it will stop working.

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