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Why You Should Pick a Bow and Arrow


Archery is now a popular sporting contest. More people are taking archery lessons today because the sport is both fun and challenging. From kids to adults, they all enjoy this practice of focusing on a specific target and shooting the bow. Archery also provides many benefits to ones who practice it, making the sport considered as one of the best sports ever.

When you finally take archery lessons, you will be surprised to learn there is a long list of health benefits of participating in archery. Competitive archers basically require a significant amount of strength and endurance, as well as focus, to perform well. Practicing the posture in archery itself is a great work for the core, hands, arms, and shoulders, and drawing and firing a bow leads to muscle development in most of the major muscle groups of the upper body. Archery also takes hand-eye coordination for better aiming of your bow, working your hands to work together optimally based on the input from your eyes. Furthermore, archers are to walk as much as 5 miles during a competition, while performing the challenging tasks at the archery range. All these points gradually improve your physical health.

While improving your physical condition, archery is also working your mental health. Focus and endurance are key factors in the sport, and the ability to focus and endure the tension you gain from practicing archery has a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing. You need to tune out from distraction to focus on your target, and this skill may help you when dealing with stress. The amount of endurance it takes in the competitive contest also shapes your ability to stay true to your goals. In conclusion, archery promotes both physical and mental health, and this is enough reason to start taking archery lessons.