Staying Sober

Alcohol addiction may be one of the addictions that not easy to admit. In fact, it may not be easy to perceive either. How much is too much, really? Does a glass of wine every night make you an addict? How about having at least three glasses of cocktails on a weekend? Before you start thinking to see south Florida alcohol rehab you should keep on reading to see if you can stay sober most of the times.

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How Difficult It Is

Let’s just be honest, sometimes, alcohol can give the satisfaction like no other. They may taste very bitter and burn your throat, but the adrenaline rush and lightheadedness gives a quick confidence boost. Many types of research stated that wine and champagne are actually beneficial to you. Anyhow, the important thing is to actually have a complete control on the intake. If you know you have a low tolerance, it’s better to just say no.

It’s Just a Little Bit

This is the excuse that we say to ourselves and everybody else. We always say that we’re taking it in moderation and know when to stop. But again, how much is too much? Is there an actual limit? Aside of the legal limit to drive, the limit resides in our head. If you think one glass is enough then you should stop right there.

There are lots of cases of accidents and crimes caused by people who are not aware they are addicted to alcohol. Or maybe they do, but they’re just too shy to admit it. Lots of people think that they need to be untreatable to check into a rehab. But this isn’t the case, as long as you admit that you need alcohol more than necessary, you are already one step into addiction. It’s better that you start working on dealing with the issue right away.

Carrageenan Issue and the Fact

Is carrageenan bad? No, it isn’t. Carrageenan has undergone a pretty safe processing and manufacturing that makes it completely safe. On the other hand, there is also the poligeenan, another string of red algae that is claimed to share the same characteristic as the carrageenan. The poligeenan is dangerous and it can potentially make you ill.

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Understanding the Issue

You see, carrageenan and poligeenan are two different entities and yet they are always considered the same because they come from the same source: the red algae. However, when the red algae are processed through the acid bath and stuff, it becomes the poligeenan. When the red algae are processed in a safe manner, it becomes the carrageenan. The end result of poligeenan and carrageenan are completely different so you should look at them as different subjects.

The carrageenan is the food grade substance that is often mixed into food products, enhancing the flavor, texture, and also taste. The substance has been used in the food industry for quite a while. FDA has also done several tests, studies, and experiments and they have found nothing wrong with it. But those who are uneducated about the matter and don’t get the overall facts about this issue often think that carrageenan and poligeenan are just the same.

The poligeenan is basically the degraded carrageenan – the negative carrageenan, you may say. It hasn’t been used in the food industry for more than a century because of the harmful and toxic trait. What about the claim saying that the carrageenan can turn into poligeenan through the body’s digestive process? Well, such thing isn’t true. It takes a special facility with special mechanical (and also technical and chemical) process to turn the carrageenan into a poligeenan. Your body isn’t exactly the right ‘manufacturing plant’ that can do such thing. So, no… it would be impossible for the carrageenan to turn into a carrageenan through the body’s natural processing.

What is carrageenan?

What is carrageenan? Being healthy is everyone’s dream, and it’s been number one priority for everyone since we have to improve the quality of our lives. We realize that it’s important to have healthy food and healthy lifestyle. It has to be with workout too. Health is a kind of happiness that no one cannot buy. To make our life healthy, food is the main thing that drives your life to be healthy or ill. That is why we have to enlarge our knowledge about food. Recently, there is additional content in food that has been the diplomatic thing that everyone is panicking about it. There are two windows you can see because it has pros and cons. Some people ask about what is carrageenan and is it safe to consume it? Still, it’s about your choice whether you are going to consume or not. To make it clear, here we tell several basic facts to answer your basic answer too.

It’s safe


This addition has been common in food science but still there are still people that doubt about this content. Some people believe that it’ll be harmful and give long effect after consuming it. This addition is common in foods like yoghurt, milk, almond milk, ice cream, and more. For those who love to eat one of them has to know what carrageenan is. It is one of the soluble fibers made of from red seaweed. If you think that it is harmful, it depends on how you see it. This carrageenan is natural food ingredients that many people have been using it for years, and it’s been cultural in some countries to use this carrageenan for their addition food. Why do people use that? The texture and the function are pretty same to animal-based products to emulsify or thicken food. This is better than we use animal-based emulsifier in your food because vegetables are far better than it.

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If you have a problem to lose some weight you must try lots of things to do such as consuming diet pills. By consuming these diet pills they hope they can burn the unused fat and lose their weight to get proper body weights. Knowing the fact that this pill is made from the chemical ingredients you need to consume it in a proper amount to avoid something that you don’t want to. You need to visit phen375 guide here to make sure that you can consume this diet pill.

There are lots of people who already consume this pill. And their good testimonies are becoming the based why this product is so famous. By consuming the pill regularly two pills a day you can achieve a proper weight in only two weeks. You can lose for about 8lbs in two weeks when you consume this pill and do some regular diet program. By knowing this fact, you can definitely get a perfect body shape in only a month.

A regular diet exercise is the main activity that you need to do even though you consume this diet pill regularly. You still need to consult this diet program with your doctor to prevent something bad happen to you. And you need to make sure that you don’t have any allergic to this kind of pill so you can consume it safely.

Creamy and Dessert E Liquid

Talking about the e liquid is talking about the taste. In the Eliquid Depot, we have many categories to choose. two of them are creamy and dessert. You can have Rainbow with a sweet rainbow frozen sherbet, Krispy with sweet glazed donut, Oranj with orange creamsicle, Pinky with a sweet strawberries and cream, Campfire with melted chocolate, graham cracker treat , and marshmallow, Pound Cake with rich lemon pound cake, Shortcake with strawberry shortcake ice cream, Lime Pie with key lime pie with ice cream, Nanners with banana split sundae, Beard with Strawberry cheesecake, Hype with marshmallow cereal donut with ice cream Cannoli with creamy stuffed cannoli, Dunkers with cookies and cream, Throne with caramel butterscotch cake, Milkshake with Vanilla almond milkshake, Tear Drop with candied apple pear, Apple Butter with apple pie a la mode, Smurf with strawberry blueberry smoothie, Velocity with strawberries and cream, and Castle with toasted almond with vanilla bourbon coconut flakes.

Another Sweet One

You can choose Bluecrumb and Rocket too. They are the blueberry cheesecake crumble and blue crumble frozen yogurt. All of them are at the same price, which is only $7.99 in each 30 ml with 3 mg of nicotine. There is also a loyalty reward from Eliquid Depot. For example is in Rocket product.  You can earn $0.99 in loyalty rewards. Therefore, what are you waiting for? You can get the best product ever which is full of guarantee in this company. You just need to visit its website, log in or sign up first and make your order. Get the free shipping service too. However, you have to read the term and conditions from this company first before you make an order. Therefore, if you are under 18s, you may not make any order because the products here is contained with nicotine. It may make the addictive effects.

Online Meditation: The Facts


Everyone knows that meditation can bring a lot of positive effects to life as long as everything is done properly and correctly. However, sometimes it is difficult to start. You probably reason that you don’t have the time or you are super tired after spending the whole day working. But what if you can do everything from the comfort of your house? Yes, you don’t have to leave home and you can manage everything from your house. Sounds like an ideal plan, right?

The Online System

Thanks to technology and the internet, everything is possible. You can also try meditating through this long-distance method without having to leave your house. Simply join the online membership (some of these meditation websites are designed to help people to learn about meditation) and you can have a free access to everything. You can access the videos, the theories, and so much more. If you want to access the videos of meditation for beginners, feel free to do so. You will be pampered with so many different options and benefits.

If you want to take parts in the online session, simply follow the instructions and you will be good to go. The online coach will provide an easy step-by-step; follow everything and you should be able to do it fuss free.

The Great Benefits

You can learn about the proper breathing technique as well as an improved focus. The idea of having the meditation is to get to know yourself better; to get in touch with your inner self. If you are able to understand yourself better, there is always a chance that you can make a good improvement for your energy, focus, behavior, emotional, and mind. It doesn’t mean that you will become someone super; you only become a better you with a positive attitude and improved ability. Are you willing to try?

The Relation between Cancer and Carrageenan

kThe question about what is carrageenan may be related to the cancer issue. Carrageenan is known as anatural substance which is used to keep the texture of daily product to stay in good shape. On the other side, cancer is one of the diseases which have killed many people, from kids to adults. The cause of cancer can be many things. Food is one of the common causes of cancer. The chemical substances on the ingredients become the trigger of cancer cells in our body. When you heard that the carrageenan is the cause of cancer.

Carrageenan is not the cause of cancer

It is wrong that carrageenan is the cause of cancer. The news on the internet is not always a good one. The problem about carrageenan as the cause of cancer happens because of the internet. The wrong information may lead you or people to the wrong. From the news, people read that carrageenan is the cause of cancer. The news is published without research and scientific study.

The study has proved that carrageenan is tested as the material and they becomes to know the real function of the carrageenan. The rumors which spread about carrageenan are not based on the scientific study. Otherwise, it is the information about the poligeenan. Poligeenan is not the same as the carrageenan.  It is harmful to be consumed by ahuman. The study has proved that carrageenan is safe to be consumed and to be used by food. It can be used for any food and it is safe to be consumed with food and as the additional ingredients. Besides that, the carrageenan will not change the taste of the food. The carrageenan is suitable for any food and it will not change foo,

Why Philip Air Fryer to Fry Your Fries


Philip Air Fryer Review

When shopping for an air fryer, most people would recommend the units by Philips—and there are good reasons to that. Here is a brief Philips air fryer review, covering the basic features found in Philips air fryer.

It comes with the Rapid air Technology, cooking your food evenly.

Philips air fryer uses a technology by which enabling air to circulates in the machine in a way that making the cooked evenly on all sides. You won’t get to eat food that is burnt on the outside but still somewhat raw on the inside if you cook with Philip air fryer.

It comes with accessories that let you cook beyond frying.

Philips air fryer comes with useful accessories that let you roast, grill, gratinate, and bake. It features built-in cooking programs which from you can choose. As long as you get the correct temperature and timing, you can basically do all kinds of cooking in the fryer.

It features a large cooking capacity.

Philips has air fryer models that come in the XL kind. Yes, this big size means extra weight, but it also means a larger cooking capacity. By having more capacity, it enables you to cook for a whole family, and not just for frying your snacks. It will be a big help when you need to cook for a large dinner in the holidays.

It is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

Philips air fryer is mostly dishwasher safe and it only needs a little clean-up before going in the dishwasher. It only needs a little scrubbing with washing liquid and a non-abrasive sponge when there is a stubborn stain. Olive oil can also be used to clean up the fryer, keeping the scrubbing very minimal.

Is Carrageenan Safe: Knowing the Truth

Have you ever wondered is carrageenan safe for my family’s daily consumption? Is it really beneficial and healthy without any side effects or health risks? Is it okay to consume it on a daily basis? To answer all of your answers, you need to get a better understanding and information about the whole things.

Learning More about Carrageenan

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Carrageenan is a natural preservative or emulsifier that is extracted from the red seaweed. Its content is natural; not to mention that the manufacturing process is done in the safest way too. Basically, you boil the seaweed in a hot water, strain it, and then mill it. When it has turned into powder, it is added to foods and beverages.

Carrageenan is responsible for the taste and texture of the final outcome. In chocolate milk drink, for example, it is added to prevent the chocolate to be separated from the milk. In yogurts, the carrageenan will make it frothy, thick, and creamy. Natural, when the texture is improved, the taste will follow suit too.

However, people are afraid about the carrageenan because of the rumor that it can make you sick. Rumor has it that you can develop cancerous cells when you consume it on a daily basis. First of all, there hasn’t been any proof about carrageenan making you suffer from cancer. Second, all those negative effects are actually from the poligeenan, another strain and type that is extracted from the same red algae.

This is the common mistake that people make. Just because the carrageenan and poligeenan come from the similar red algae, it doesn’t mean that they share a similar trait. On the contrary, they both have different characteristic and they are processed through different methods too. Is carrageenan safe? You can be sure about that. But the same thing can’t be said about the poligeenan.


The Relation between Protein and the Muscle Growth

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The muscle growth is beneficial for our body in many ways. What is the biggest factor that affects its development? The nutrient that we consume affects the growth of our muscle. Protein is the prime nutrient for boosting energy. Consuming protein supplement is a nice method how we can improve the mass of the muscle. So, what is the best muscle building supplement? We aren’t going to discuss it. We will learn the relation between the protein and muscle development, instead.


The Benefits of Protein for the Body

Protein is important for the muscle. There are many reasons for it. It keeps a balanced level of the blood PH. It preserves the muscle tissue during cuts and dieting. When the body lacks carbohydrates, protein becomes the proper substitute. A good amount of protein also helps us maintain hormone levels in a proper manner. Protein is also useful for keeping the immune system in its finest condition. It prevents health problems, in fact.


Well, what is the best muscle building supplement? Each product has a different formula. We need to learn the ingredients whether or not they are safe for our body. Wrongly chosen supplements lead to side effects and health problems. Actually, all the supplements have good effects to our muscle. Yet, the harmless one is the best option for us. It means that the risk is lower if we use the best supplement.

Buying Protein Supplements

In a nutshell, increasing the protein intake may increase the muscle mass. We can simply consume supplements during the resting phase of resistance training. So, what is the best muscle building supplement? We can find based on some characteristics. First of all, it must be safe to consume. Next, it’s popular among consumers. Not to mention we can get the product everywhere either from local gyms or the internet. Don’t forget to inspect its price too.