Eucalyptus Rainbowtree

Eucalyptus Deglupta, also known as the Eucalyptus Rainbowtree is a tall tree that grows mostly in a moist humid tropical and subtropical climate. It is a very popular type of tree by the way it has unique characteristic, which is a multi-color barked tree. Eucalyptus Rainbowtree is also popular for people in looking for gardening interests. Many people thought that Eucalyptus Deglupta is native to Australia, when in fact it is native to some islands of the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and some parts of New Britain.



This evergreen tree is very large, broad-leaved, and grows very fast.In the native habitat, it would grow up to 250 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 6 feet. When it is growing outside the habitat, Eucalyptus Deglupta can grow only up to 100 to 125 inches due the difference of the climate.


This tree is well known of the multi-hued bark that consists pale green, orange, maroon, gray, and purple-brown with a bright green inner bark. The bark will be discharged every year at various intervals, revealing the phloem that would eventually mature and change in the summer. Its overwhelmingly beauty color contributes to the landscape and nature aesthetics.


Eucalyptus Deglupta is commonly used for pulpwood in the paper production, because of the fast growth. It is also grown widely in all around the world in tree plantations, either for making paper, city parks, or aesthetic purposes.

Due the native of Eucalyptus Deglupta, which is tropical and subtropical, it is not resistant to the frosts. It is not recommended if your place has winter season. However, if you are interested in growing this tree, the climate of your place needs to be at least similar with the native area to get the maximum quality growth of the tree.