The Great Perks of the Online Reservation

If you visit, you will see various train schedules and options. Not only you can choose the service or the coach that you want, you can get the details of the service too – such as the numbers of available seats, the fare for adults or kids, and such thing alike. If you see the many options of the schedules, you will realize that traveling from Woodland to JB Sentral isn’t as difficult as you think – in fact, everything is made easier.

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The Online Support

The fact that the online system has played an important part in the development and update of the train system is something that you need to be grateful about. Without the existence of such website like easybook, you will still have to deal with the traditional and mediocre system in buying the tickets. You may have to deal with long lines at the ticket booth or wasting your precious time driving to the ticket booth only to buy the ticket (which you will be using tomorrow or later on).

After all, there are some benefits that you can enjoy if you make the online order and purchase:

  • You can always buy the tickets anytime and anywhere, depending on your condition or situation. Let’s say that you want to leave the first thing in the morning and you want to make a reservation this midnight. Of course, you can do it easily. No one is going to stop you and no one is going to give you a suspicious look.
  • You can manage everything within your own comfort. Whether it is surrounded by the comfort of your house or when you are still on the go, you can make sure that you will get the seat that you want.
  • The system is pretty simple. Try visiting, and you can see how easy it is to make a ticket booking or reservation. Want to try it now?

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Make Your Own Bus Decision!

jSince the executive bus is too mainstream, you can try to use the VIP bus. If you want to get it from Penang, you can try the Konsortium Bas Ekspress from Malaysia. Why is this bus very special? As one of the great and affordable Penang to Singapore bus, Konsortium offers you the VIP 27 with a television inside the bus. Whether you will depart in the evening, you still can make a good time by watching television when most of the passengers are choosing to sleep. Konsortium has two schedules only. Two buses depart at 23.30 from Butterworth. One bus will arrive in Golden Mile Tower and another one is in Woodland.

Ticket Price from

Whether adult or child, all of it should pay MYR 65.00. You can choose your seats now if you do the online booking. Do not worry about the payment method that provides by this company because all of the payment methods in any cards are available. What is the name of this company? it has been developed since 2005 and you can trust your vacation here.

Is the bus comfortable? All of the buses are recleaning and including the toilet inside. You also do not need to worry about the convenience seat in it because the buses are completed by air conditioning. Early booked will help you to get any seats you want. Therefore, it is better for you to arrange your vacation as soon as possible!

You come to the right page to visit because, in, you will get plenty information about it. is not only given you the information about the bus but also the schedule and the price so that you can get and reserve your vacation here. What is the name of the bus that can help you to have the executive journey? Billion Star Express is the only one of the executive bus in this case.

Get Bus to Malaysia

When you are having a holiday to South East Asian country, there is no doubt to reach two neighbourhood countries like Singapore and Malaysia. We all know that those two small countries can be reached within two hours. It depends on the departure and the destination chosen by passengers. It’s good though when you have holiday plan a week to make a simple trip and memorable experience in road travelling using the bus.

It’s same to a plane ticket and travelling by plane but the most important thing is to enjoy all roads from Singapore to Malaysia with bus to Malaysia. You will get the most interesting travelling since you just need to spend little than having a ticket for the plane. To get your flexibility in getting road travelling you can see the destinations you can reach here. Here are some lists you can highlight and enlist to your holiday plan.


Choose destination

When you have made a plan to hang around Singapore and Malaysia, you can add some lists you have made. Here are some destinations you can choose when you are heading to Twin Tower country where it has been a great landmark of Malaysia. The first is Penang where you can get more culture holiday and crazy shopping. Penang is number three leading city for tourism in Malaysia. The second destination is Kuala Lumpur as the capital of that country. You can get all the cities view with a cultural scene in that capital city. Kuala Lumpur is second best destination there. Some people claim that you will never seem got a holiday if you don’t touch Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The third is Johor Baru where the biggest kingdom of Malaysia takes place there. Like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, this Johor Baru also offers crazy shopping and a cultural scene you can learn. Some people also believe that Johor Baru is number one destination in Malaysia.

Easily Get Ticket from Singapore to Bintan

Who does not want to have a wonderful vacation? Surely, you want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Therefore, you must plan it carefully. At first, you have to know the main destination. When you know your target, it is easier to make some preparation. Ok, do not get too rush and search more information. When you want to find tickets from Singapore to Bintan, you can get it as long as you know the tricks. Let’s start from the easiest step. Why do not you search the cheapest ticket with the best service? There are some benefits of using online booking system.


First, you can get any tickets you want without any hassles. Do you know why? It is because you do not have to wait in a long queue anymore. Certainly, this is very helpful for those who do not have much time to waste. You can book your ticket anywhere you want as long as you have the internet connection. It does not take a long time to complete the booking process. Next, you can get the best deals. Who does not want to pay less but get more facilities? What a great offering for the traveller.

In addition, the travellers are able to get as many as the information they want. You can get any information about the hotels, the tourist attractions and the weather. You must know those important aspects for the sake of your vacation. Do not book any tickets on the wrong time. As mentioned before, take your time and do moderate research. It is impossible to do this when you use the manual procedures. If you want a calm and tranquil vacation, do not book a ticket during the high season. You cannot enjoy the beauty of Bintan Island since there are so many tourists as you. Be smart and find the best deals.

Visiting Famous Attractions in Malaysia via Bus Trip

It has been known that Malaysia is one of the most wanted countries to be visited in Asia. There are some famous destinations such as Sunway Lagoon, Petronas Tower, Taman Negara and etc. Malaysia is known for its nature destinations, but Malaysia also has modern shopping center and big cities destination that are simply different from any big cities in other Southeast Asia country. If you are planning to come to visit Malaysia in the near future, rather than using plane or train to travel around Malaysia, you can have a better option which is traveling by bus. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Let’s have a closer look on what are bus trips in Malaysia.

One of the main attraction in Malaysia is they are having a strong bus operations that will accommodate you to the recreational places. Buses play an important role in Malaysia, as there are more than ten thousands of bus departures from various routes in Malaysia. Here are some of major bus routes in Malaysia such as:

  • Bus route from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur
  • Bus route from Johor to Kuala Lumpur
  • And many more.


There are so many transportation companies that specifically focusing their business focus on this bus trip business. They provide the express and convenient bus for domestic and foreigner tourist. You will never be disappointed on the service because they have already been into this business over decades. The best thing about this bust trip is you do not have to stand in the queue to buy this bust trip’s tickets. All you have to do is just visit to book your ticket online and as well as to see the bus routes. You can also see the pricing on the price list, so you know how much money you are going to need for your Malaysia bus trips.

The Answer to the best Thai Transport Booking Service

Planning an international commute is rather easy because there are so many amazing transport agents out there which are ready to help you. But domestic transportation is a whole different ball game, especially when we are talking about the south EastAsian countries such as Thailand. Thailand can be such a foreign country for you, making it harder for us if we want to have a domestic tour all around the land. Lucky for you, in this era of modern technology, finding the best transport booking service is so easy like this amazing Thai booking service called


The Best transport booker in Thailand

There are so many reasons why we would like to recommend the Easy Book as your solution in finding the right domestic transportation in Thailand. First, it is clearly the largest transportation provider in the area, not just in Thailand, but also in other SoutheastAsian countries such as Indonesia and Singapore. You can look for practically everything in terms of local transportation whether it is a bus, a train, or a ferry. Other than just a regular transportation, Easy Book is also capable of providing a tour transportation which will organize the whole tour for you.

How to book a ticket

Booking a ticket from Easy book will not be difficult at all because the steps have already been laid out simply in the site. The first thing that you need to do is visiting the website at the top of the article. Then, you will find a form to fill in regarding the detail of your journey in Thailand. Once you have filled when and where you are going to travel, you need to purchase and book the ticket online. And lastly, you can either print or save the soft file ticket which you have to show to the bus driver later.

For Your Holiday This Year!

Okay, summer may be over. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t take any more holidays. Go ahead and take a look at any destinations today. Or if you’re wondering where to go, let me suggest Vietnam for you. Yes, Vietnam! It may not be as big or famous like Thailand or Malaysia or Indonesia. But Vietnam has its own interesting cultural diversity. They offer great things for you to explore.

Exploring Vietnam

Joining a Vietnam tour (circuit Vietnam) is the easiest way for you to explore Vietnam. You can always tailor the tour based on your personal preferences. Even if you have some medical conditions, your travel agent could give you suggestions on things you can and cannot do. After all, you won’t get bored easy with Vietnam. There are just so many things to learn and do. Trekking, rafting, and visiting the temples and other landmarks. Have a pick on the activity.

Vacation or Vocation

You can use Vietnam as a chance to spend your holiday. But you can also use the country as a way to serve goodness to people. You can volunteer to some projects, whether by teaching or building places in some remote villages. Doing good while enjoying holiday, sounds like a good plan, no? Who knows, you might even fall in love and choose to dedicate yourself there for real.

Holiday means taking days off to enjoy the things you love the most. You can enjoy the scenery or do a retail therapy, or maybe do a social work for the locals. It’s a great way to pick up the culture and language while having a holiday. It’s also easy to enter Vietnam. All you need is a legit invitation letter so you can get your visa on arrival without any hitch. The rest for you to do is enjoying the country.

The Journey from Singapore to Mersing

The attractions in Mersing have attracted people in Singapore to visit the city. The traditional places and beautiful natural tourism spots are interesting enough for Singaporeans who live daily in big city, such as Singapore. Amount of cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore can be classified as modern city. Mostly, people who live in the big modern city will need a day or two to relax from the hectic day and heavy traffic jam in the quite town. It seems that Mersing offers what they really need, from traditional market until beautiful beaches. Continue reading The Journey from Singapore to Mersing

How to Get to Genting Highlands from Singapore

From the available transportation to Genting Highlands from Singapore, it seems that taking a bus will be more exciting that taking plane. On, we can get many options for our bus journey to Genting Highlands from Singapore. We are guaranteed that the long journey will give us some pleasure.


Step by step to go to Genting Highlands

First thing we should do is choosing the date. The available buses to get to Genting Highlands are only on weekends. Then, we choose date and clear the weekend to get to an entertainment journey. As entertainment place, we could expect the place will be crowded and the transportation may be high. Some bus companies usually charge more because of public holidays or peak season. Therefore, planning carefully will help our holiday arranged well. We may need to book and buy the ticket in advance. The best rates usually are available long before the date.

There are many travel agencies which offer bus as the transportation from Singapore to Genting Highlands. Every agency offers different price. Besides that they usually have different time of departure. We can choose between WITS Travel, Five Stars Tours, Transtar Express, StarMart Express, Sri Maju Group and CitiExchange. We can compare the price and the date on the Otherwise, we can visit every agency’s website to find out the detail information. When we check the website, we should see the location, the time of the departure, and the time of the arrival. Averagely, the rates are started from 25 Dollars Singapore until 45 Dollars Singapore.

Nowadays, some of the bus agencies provide online booking. It will be useful for in advance book. If the online booking is not available, we will need to visit the office of sales center of the agencies to buy the ticket.