The New Beach Game

Playing on the beach could be more fun when you bring games. Sometimes, playing with water and sand are not enough to have fun at the beach. Some people love to relax on the beach and sunbathing. Others love to do some actives exercise. If you are familiar with the Cornhole rules, you will immediately realize that this game means to be played on the beach.

About Bru-Bag as the beach game


Everybody knows that going to the beach is to have fun. Playing games on the beach is one of the best parts. There are many games which you could play on the beach, such as cornhole, Kan Jam, Ladder ball, bocce, and many more. Then, you must try the Bru-Bag game. It is the combination games, from cornhole and beer pongs. The Bru-Bag is suitable for the beach game because it needs much space. Generally, this game needs to be on the great lawn. If it is possible, you need to play it on the sand. The main concept of the Bru-Bag is to get the lightweight game such as Kan Jam. At the same time, the founder wanted to create a sturdy frame for a game, like a cornhole. When you see the game in the real, you will know that this game is the combination of both games. The Bru-Bag is suitable for the beach game because it is only 20 lbs. weight. Then, it is made from the real wood which is easily moved. Besides that, the design is portable as the legs detach easily. It will help you to throw everything into the carrying case. Then, you could grab the boards and you will have a free hand to help your friends with the cooler. The game will be fun.

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