The Tao Of Badass Quick Review

Badass, the phenomenal book was written by Joshua Pellicer which is famous as The Tao of Badass. A necessity for a man to read this ebook when they are planning to have a date. Apart from the famous and phenomenal dating guide, here I summarize a quick review about this book.


Who is Joshua Pellicer

If you guys have just arranged a plan to get your first date with a girl, this book written by Joshua Pellicer might help you a lot. In the successful of the selling, Badass made its name into a dating company, The Tao of Badass Inc.

According to him, Joshua applied various approaches and started dating since 17 years old. At this age, he dated as a man usually, which many failures come and go. However, It promised him to learn female psyche. Years later after various failures, he then becomes a dating coach which has various TV program.

Technique used

  • Joshua Pellicer explained that the originality of yourself when speaking with a woman.
  • Making humor is a must. Women like a man who can make her laugh.
  • Be mysterious. Never showing everything to your girl.
  • Improve your skill of how to talk with a woman.

What is it?

The Badass consists of ebook and training videos including video tips. The ebook consists of 152 pages into 10 chapters.

Some chapters explained how to read body language which is the major key for knowing women signals. Meanwhile, this book also tells you about when a girl wants a kiss related with their gesture and eyes. Besides, this books also focus on the mistakes most men do when they do date with a girl. It is quite successful seemingly seeing the best selling label on the book. Get more information about The Tao Of Badass review can be checked here:

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