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Top Tips in Playing RuneScape

RuneScape is one of the most popular and exciting MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). This game was firstly released in 201 by Andrew and Paul Gower. It’s then published by Jagex Games Studio. Now it has got more than 200 million accounts. This makes Runescape as the largest free MMORGP and most updated game based on Guinness World Records. In 2004, runescape 2 was launched and in 2013, the Runescape 3 was officially published to the market.

This game takes place in the world in Gielinor. You, as a player, can travel through the Gielinor by foot, charter ships or magical spells. Every region will provide you different quests, monsters and resources. Just like the other role-playing games, you need to obtain money to finish this game. Money can be very important for purchase the item which will be used for certain quests. In Runescape, the items can be produced and exchanged by players. You can exchange those items by trading by another player or purchasing them in the Grand Exchange. Grand Exchange itself is the market of Runescape which will provide you almost all items needed. The price of items in Grand Exchange can be varied based on many factors, mostly by the supply and demand factor. This price will be updated once a day.

In this game, there’re some currencies which are used by players to do the exchanges. The coins are the exclusive currency for player-to-player trading. Coins are the most used currency in this popular game. The coin is also popularly known as the gold.

How to get Runescape gold?

You can simply buy golds in the trusted website. There’re currently some websites that offer you that kind of service. But you need to consider the reputation of those websites before you decide to spend your money. RS4U is the reputable website that you can really trust. You can buy RS gold in their user-friendly website. You can obtain 20 M gold in Runescape 3 for only $5.88. This amount of money is really affordable. Or you can buy 40 M Gold for $11.59. These golds will obviously help you in buying some essential items for finishing your quests.  Visit

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