What is Hoverboard?


Here is the description of Hoverboard!

Nowadays, people are getting wider to use the new incredible thing called Hoverboard. Some people call it “self balancing board,” others, “smart balance wheel,” others still call it “a mini segway without handles” or “segway board.” It is a self-balancing scooter boards with two-wheeled scooters. That is kinds of scooter that you can use by yourself only use your own feet. Almost all people already have it from not only celebrities use it, but also kids. You may have seen some of these self balancing boards on the television or instagram of your favorite celebrity. They are fun for to ride, so there’s a good chance someone you know wants one. People look so perfect and cool when they are playing it in their home, the road, or even in a public area. Actually, it is now allowed to be used in every country.

Despite their coolness, this new technology has some function in our daily life. It can be used to help you to go somewhere to your purpose place. However, if the distance is not too far you can us it easily. Remembering that the power should be charged, you have to use it wisely. Next, it can be a new trend in our society. You can use it easily on roads and sidewalks. But, you will not be allowed to bring it onto planes. Then, as a trend, a lot of people will play it together with their friend, their family, etc. Then, you can use it to train your balance. Using this board, you have to be able to keep balancing your body. There are sensors in the wheels that tell the gyroscopes how far forward you are leaning. The gyroscopes relay this information to the logic board. It is simple mechanism which allows you to control the speed of the scooter with your weight. This weight influences your balance.

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