Vintage Patagonia label

Patagonia Men’s Classic Retro –X Cardigan Graphite Navy

Nowadays, Patagonia outlet online offers sale for new arrival products. We can get Patagonia Men’s Classic Retro-X Cardigan Graphite Navy only for $133.13. The original price for this cardigan is about $322.83. It seems that it is a really great deal. We may not really this kind of cardigan this season, but, we will only get the sales price this season. We can go to now and get the cardigan immediately for our fall/winter outfit.

Product detail

This Patagonia Men’s Classic Retro-X Cardigan is made of recycled polyester half-inch-pile fleece. Then, it is also layered with smooth polyester plain weave. Besides that, those fabrics make the cardigan becomes a windproof jacket. We will not feel any wind blowing through us when we use this cardigan. Besides that, it also makes the body keep warm. Besides for windy days, this cardigan also can be used in any weather. When it is cold, it can make us warm. Then, when the weather is not too cold, we cannot feel the heat because the fabrics are breathable. The polyester lining that is used for the windproof also has wicks moisture which can help to breathe in the hot days. Then, the characteristic of the cardigan is soft supple and irresistibly fuzzy and that make it comfortable to be worn.

Vintage Patagonia label

Besides the part of this Patagonia Men’s Classic Retro-X Cardigan has a stand up collar and also full-length zippers. They will help us to avoid blast from the wind. Then, the Y-Joint sleeves will help in mobility. Then, we can get zippered handwarmer pockets. We can keep our hand warm when we do not use gloves on the cold weather. Then, the cuffs and the neck part are very comfortable. We will not feel irritating which usually happens when wearing a jacket.

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