Volume Lashes

Volume lashes is a technique of applying eyelash extensions, that is also known as Russian Volume. This technique requires multiple lashes to be applied to a single natural lash individually, creating the thickness of the natural lashes by using two or three stranded high quality synthetic lashes in each application.


As you know, there is the regular way of applying lashes which usually gives you the thickness, length, and volume of natural look of your lashes. In Russian Volume, it gives you the more glamorous appearance by applying more lashes to every single of your existed lashes.

The type of lashes used

When the classic application usually uses 0.15 or 0.20 lash, this technique uses even thinner lash with two or three directions. 0.07 lash is what used in this application.


Of course, by using this method your eyelashes would be at least two times thicker. However, the weight of the lashes is lighter than the regular one, and also fluffier. It gives you more efficient and effective result.

How long will it last?

By the new technology, this technique will last much longer than the regular one. When the regular lashes last two-four weeks, this one lasts up to six-seven weeks.


Just like the classic application, you can do your daily activity normally after 24 hours. Also you need to be careful when washing your face in the 24 hours to make sure that the adhesive would settle properly. If you want to use makeup, do not use the oil-based makeup to prevent the extension to fall off easily. It is also recommended to brush your extensions daily with the regular eyelash brush.

Things to take notes

Make sure you go to a reliable and well-recommended place, also make sure that it is done by a true professional to avoid damages.

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