Safelink Wireless


Safelink Wireless from TracFone Wireless Inc has been available in Michigan. It is a free cell phone service from United States government. The service which given to people by using Safelink Wireless, is free. Even though it is a free product from government and the collaboration with TracFone, but it is not as easy as it looks to have it. Some requirement should be done to get the free cell phone service from Safelink Wireless. Not all United States people can get the product. There will be some form to fill and certain regulation to follow.

Applying for Safelink Wireless in Michigan

In Michigan, the requirement for Safelink Wireless is available in two options, they are the income based method and the public assistance based method. Those methods should not be both done. We can choose one, the one we can fulfill correctly. For some people, it will be easier to use their income document to get the free service. For a certain reason, the government offers the free cell phone service from Safelink Wireless for people who have sacrificed some of their life for other people. Find out more at

Safelink Wireless

In income method based, we should join of the public assistance program which available in the state. We should only participate in one program, and we can be qualified for getting Safelink Wireless. We also do not have to give a document to prove that we involve in public assistance program. On the other hand, the Safelink Wireless is available for low income people. When we choose this method, our annual income should be at or under 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for Michigan’s regulation. Then, we should prove how much we earn a year by giving last year tax form. It will be better to be included by employer letter.

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