The Pros and Cons of DNA Testing, Do You Agree?

At home and legal DNA testing has proven to be helpful for many people to reach many purposes, such as getting child support, immigration, claiming inheritance and insurance, and so on. The good thing is that you do not need to do a long process or wait for years to get the result; just take the cells sample from your blood or inside cheek of the mouth and send the sample to the experts. Within one or two weeks, the family relationship between a child and the potential father or mother will be relieved.


But, although the testing is very beneficial, there are some controversies in relation to this. What are the pros and cons and why some people think it is good yet the others say the opposite? Find the answer here and later on, decide in which side you are standing:

The pros

Since 1953 when Watson and Crick discovered the three-dimensional double helix form of DNA molecules, more and more research were conducted on this subject as scientists believe the findings will be beneficial for many people. They are right; DNA testing is helpful for solving many problems related to paternity, crimes, and health.

It is an obvious advantage that by analyzing the DNA molecules between a child and is potential father, you will know whether they have family relationship or not. While for crimes, DNA testing has proven to be effective to find the suspects of a murder just by examining the fingerprints left in the place. Medical history can also be revealed by seeing the DNA as some diseases are genetic.

The cons

Some people think that family relationship is something sensitive that you cannot carelessly test or observe. While for crimes and health, well, it is true that you can get needed information from DNA testing, but do you know that it can be manipulated? DNA testing can be dangerous in this way. So, what do you think?

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