Coffee Makers: Cheaper Solutions Coffee Lovers

For most people, coffee is a must when it comes to waking up in the morning. Usually, before going to work, people will stop by the coffee shop and order a cup of coffee. For one decent cup of coffee, it usually costs 1.5 to 2.0 baht. It may be not that expensive if you only buy a cup or two cups in a month. But, it is totally different case for those who love to drink coffee in the morning. You will have to spend up to 5.0 baht just to drink a cup of decent coffee in the morning. Now, calculate how much you will spend for the entire year? Yes, sometimes coffee can be expensive.


You do not have to worry, we sell coffee makers (เครื่องชงกาแฟ) which will be the solution for those who wants to save money but have one decent cup of coffee in the morning. You can even make the whole pitcher and save some extra coffee for the afternoon. Coffee machines will be pretty costly at the first time you buy it, but it is a good investment for those who wants to have a fresh coffee ready in few minutes.

Coffee machine comes with different size, model, and features. The price is also different according to the technology that it has. A latest coffee machine even has some different buttons which indicate some different types of coffee that you want to drink such as cappuccino, dark coffee, espresso and etc. Having a coffee machine at home is like having a very own coffee shop. You can brew your coffee by yourself just like a barista at Starbucks, how cool is that? You can even make your own version of cappuccino and expresso. Coffee machines work by processing coffee bean, and voila you will have one cup of decent coffee.

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