How to Treat Your Tanning Bed Right

Tanning bed or booth is a modern way to get your skin tanned and make it look more exotic and beautiful. Some of you might be the biggest fan of tanned skin so you purchased one, or sometimes rent it too for business. A tanning bed will not last forever since it has several tanning bed bulbs that will need maintenance and replacement, also the other parts of the tanning bed. So how to maintain the good condition of your tanning bed?

Clean It Out


Some researchers have tested the durability of the lamps, and the studies show that you can only use this kind of lamps for 1,000 to 2,000 hours, which is equal to about 40 to 80 days. Unfortunately, in those thousand of hours, the quality of the ultraviolet light that is emitted from the bulbs will be decreasing. If you want to test the quality of the UV light, we recommend you to use UV readers.

Just like any other things, tanning bed bulbs also need cleaning. Make sure you clean the bulbs only with pH neutral and hypoallergenic disinfectant. The steps to clean the tanning bed are actually simple. First, remove and clean the acrylics, and then clean the bulbs. After that, vacuum the dust from every corner of the tanning bed. Also, wipe clean the reflectors with a dry cloth or damp one. If you’ve already done with the cleaning, place back all units you’ve removed and test the tanning bed to make sure all the bulbs are working perfectly.

The Burned-Out Bulbs

Tanning bed bulbs rarely burn out, but in case you find one of the bulb is burned out, try these simple steps. First, switch out the bulb with the neighboring bulb placed on either side. This is to test whether the bulb or the receptacle is the problem. If it turns out to be the receptacle, test with the starters. Then, remove the starter by grasping it firmly and turn it halfway counterclockwise.

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