About WhatsApp

Chatting platform is now becoming very popular and likeable. Instead of sending text messages or making phone calls, which can be costly, people today prefer using chatting channels. In the past, you might only be familiar with Yahoo chat, but now there are a lot of chatting platforms for mobile phone that you can choose. WhatsApp is one of the handiest platforms available for efficient and affordable usage.

About WhatsApp

Each chatting platform has its own positive sides as well as the negative factors. WhatsApp, for instance, has loads of good things to offer, but you will need to input your phone number – as well as your contacts’ – in order to stay connected. For some people, it affects their privacy because their WhatsApp account is connected to the phone number. Moreover, some WhatsApp users are annoyed by the fact that they need to input their contact data first before they can reach or contact those people. There is no way that you can simply type in the phone number and then have a chat directly- just like sending out text messages.

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However, each chatting platform has their own pros and cons, and that’s the things you have to live with. But be sure that WhatsApp offers loads of good things when compared to the flaws. It is a guarantee that you will love using WhatsApp.

How to Install WhatsApp

So, what should you do when you want to install Whatsapp? You only need to take a look at the type of mobile phone you are using and find the software for free. For instance, if you are using Android phones, you can go to Play Store and search for the program. Download it for free, install it, and you are good to go! If you are using iPhone, go to iTunes App Store, and if you are using BlackBerry devices, simply go to BlackBerry World.

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