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Free Downloads

Giving away free downloads is one of the best ways to get exposure and encourage fan engagement on SoundCloud. SoundCloud Downloads SoundCloud gives you the ability to enable downloads on a track. Note that it will provide the identical file that you have uploaded, so make sure to upload at least a 320kbps MP3 or 16bit+ 44.1hz .WAV file. I recommend you stick with MP3’s as the majority of people don’t care about the added value of a lossless file.

The number of times your track is downloaded also contributes to the popularity of that track on SoundCloud, thus making it more likely to appear in other SoundCloud users’ streams and on the SC ‘explore’ page. If you are not a Pro user, the total number of downloads per track is limited to 100. A Pro account is capped at 1000 downloads per track and a Pro Unlimited account has no download restrictions.

You can also get the option to buy SoundCloud followers with complete ease.

Add Track to Group

To add a track to a group, click the ‘add to group’ button on the sound. Pay attention when doing this with private tracks though, as these will automatically become public once submitted. Once you make your track public, try sharing it to a group to attract a quick surge of traffic to the upload.

Best uses

Embedding is a great tool to make your SoundCloud tracks available on your website and other social platforms. I suggest using the embed function to integrate your entire SC account with your website, so that it automatically displays everything on your stream (including the new stuff). Use the ‘share’ button below your profile picture to do this. I also suggest you integrate your SoundCloud account with your band’s Facebook page, as it allows fans to listen to your music from within Facebook. For more details, check out ‘SoundCloud Page Tab’ by (

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