Checking Indian Railway PNR Status

Who does not want to travel by a great and cheap ticket of the train? It is great opportunity to always have such an affordable ticket and you can get it from online. Then you have to have PNR. PNR is Passenger Name Record that will give comprehensive information about details of a journey of a passenger. When you are booking a journey of the railway, you can check the website to waiting list using your PNR. You can also find e-icket and book right away from the counter. It is also to make sure about following up the process whether the ticket has been confirmed or not. Seeing the importance of PNR number, many people now care about to always see it whenever they are going to book a ticket to see all activities record regarding journey.


Checking directly from the web

The first thing before you are going to check the Indian railway PNR status is to see the number. You can take the physical or e-ticket one you have booked recently. In those two tickets, you can check the 10 number. When you find nothing, you can check again in the left corner of your ticket, it usually shows the PNR. It has been common that the number followed by a number of transactions. To check its status, you can see from What you have to do is just putting the 10 numbers you have seen on your ticket on the bar available in the website then you need to type correctly the captcha given in website to prove that you are not a robot. Captcha helps the website to make sure that there will be no robot hacker in that website. After inputting the correct captcha, you can get all details including your ticket status and passenger status since then you will be easy to access it.

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