The Background Story of Romeo and Juliet Law

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Most of the time, the law could exist because some of the criminal charges which disserve certain kinds of people. The Romeo and Juliet law become existence because most of the males who are filed for statutory rape will be prosecuted. This law is categorized as the offender law.

The reason of the Rome and Juliet law exist

In sex crime, a seventeen-year-old male had sexual relations with a fifteen-year-old female could become a criminal case. Even though the sex was consensual, the female can file for criminal charges to the male. Most of this type of case will successfully win the female’s side and the male would be prosecuted for statutory rape and it would change his life and it could be for worse. Then, the Romeo and Juliet law could be used for preventing the charges ruining his life.

The male which is still minor according to the law would accept a criminal charge when he had sex with a female who is a minor too. The male possibly would have been charged with statutory rape which is the same as a felony offense. The felony offense would make him in prison with a 10-20-sentence. Besides that, he will be on the sex offender life after he is out of prison. Mostly, the life would be difficult for him. Because of that condition, the Romeo and Juliet law is made to protect the male from a mistake that he did when he is still young.

The Romeo and Juliet law can be used as offender laws with a certain condition. It can be applied when the sex was consensual and the male is only one or two years older than the female. Both of them should be still minors. In several states, the age gap can be up to 4 years.


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