Commonly Asked Questions about Bru-Bag

Since years ago, American people have been familiar with Cornhole and beer pong. If you like them too, it will be good news for you that today, you can play the games at the same time. Yes, Bru-Bag is an outdoor game that combines Cornhole rules and beer pong ones thus you will not get bored when playing it. All the excitement is there in the game. Ask your friends and family to play it with you and be ready for the extreme happiness you are going to get.


Bru-Bag is very easy to play especially if you are familiar with Cornhole and beer pong. All you need to do is tossing the bean bags to the holes and if your opponents make it, you have to cover the holes immediately so they cannot sink another bag to the same hole. However, although this game is easy and simple, it does not mean there is no question about the rules. Let’s see some commonly asked questions below, who knows you have them too:

Do I have to cover the hole immediately after an opponent’s bag goes through?

Definitely yes. Just like what you usually do when playing beer pong, you must cover the hole soon after your opponent’s bag goes through it. If you do not do that, your opponents may toss another bag to the same hole and this will result in an instant win, meaning that you will automatically lose the game. This something you do not expect, isn’t it? So, make sure you do it right.

Can I throw overhand?

Another yes. Compared to Cornhole, Bru-Bag is more flexible as it gives you freedom to choose your throwing style. Even if you want to throw the bag overhand, it does not matter as long as the bean sink to the right place, either on the board game or in the hole. Any other question?

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