The Functions of the SARMS

From the SARMS website, we will get a lot of information about SARMS. The meaning of the SARMS is Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators which is related with muscle in the body. The common use of the SARMS is for bodybuilders. The development of the SARMS is original as the substitution for steroids. Because of the side effects, steroids are trying to be avoided in using for treatment. It will be not used if it is not necessary. The consumption of the steroids will be over the doctor and under medical observation.


Why do we need SARMS?

The function of the SARMS is very effective for muscle tissue and bone structure. The good news from the SARMS is that it is not working in other tissues of the body. SARMS only works in certain tissues. For bodybuilders, this compound is very suitable because it will give the muscle they need and keep the muscles as long as possible. The SARMS will help to lose weight too. It can burn the fat body faster than exercise or diet pills. It can change it to be energy and turn it into muscle. For losing weight program, it can help to decrease the appetite.

After losing the fat in the body, the muscle is building. By using the SARMS, the process of the muscle will be easier. Besides that, the body will not turn back into fat again. The weight may not lose much. It happens because the mass of the body fat is changed into muscle. But, we should not feel disappointed because of not losing weight. Our body shape will be better because of SARMS. Besides that, the condition of the body will be healthier. We should not worry about the side effect. It only happens after a long period of use with high dosage.

The Use and Specifications of SARMs

Having a perfect body is the dream of all of us who visit gyms. Yet, sometimes we are trapped and misled to use a product which gives negative side effects. Steroids and testosterone injections or creams can be very helpful for bodybuilders, yet they give some terrible side effects. Hair loss, acne, and even gynecomastia are some of the examples of how bad those hormonal boosts can be.


Because of this, a lot of people are changing their choice to SARMS. Selective androgen receptor modulators are able to build lean muscle mass the way testosterone builds our muscle, yet it is not as dangerous as testosterones. It is a promising way to have a perfect body without the side effects.


 Anabolicum or LGD-4033 is extremely powerful SARMS. Some studies have proven that this SARM is safe to consume. Besides, it is also able to increase lean muscle mass and strength.

Here are the specifications:

  • Taken orally, unlike steroids which have to be injected or applied on our body
  • Androgen receptor modulator which selects muscle and bones smartly to create anabolic activity.
  • Able to increase 10 pounds of lean muscle mass after eight weeks
  • Decrease body fat
  • Safe dosage up to 8-10 mg each day for the cycle of eight weeks, some even up to 15 mg each day


From all discovered SARMS, this one is the most anabolic. Although it generally doesn’t bulk up muscle the way steroids do, but the generated increase is mainly lean muscle.

Here are the specifications:

  • Common dosage at around 25 mg for a cycle of eight weeks for muscle gain
  • Able to help us lose body fat
  • Taken orally
  • Not toxic and wont destroy the liver
  • Taken once a day according to the recommended dosage