Travelling with Bus from Singapore to Malacca

An option of route that you may have from Singapore is to go to Malacca that you can book from as an option of ticket booking service that will help you with bus ticket booking. Using to book your ticket is another option of destination that you can also find from this website. Malacca is the destination that you can book from Easy Book with some choices of bus companies.

A Trip from Singapore to Malacca

Since you can find the bus ticket from Singapore to the Malacca as your destination, you need to know what you are going get for your bus ticket that you can book at There are different bus ticket costs from different coaches. However, it comes with this range from S$25 to S$50. Moreover, the cost will also depend on the on board services in which you might need pay more for a better on board service.


It is not that difficult to find important information for your bus ticket at since you will find almost everything you need to know about your trip by bus. Other than the price for the bus ticket, you can also find that there is first class bus services that will provide you with personal TV, power plug, massage chair and more. Those are the benefits that you can find from the first class to let you enjoy your long trip.

This is the other offer you can also find from this website that will be very helpful for you. There are still more destination from Singapore to Malaysia or Thailand that you can book via online at in which there are different features offered to you with more choices of classes for bus service so that you will be able to decide the bus ticket price that will suit your budget.

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