How to Get to Genting Highlands from Singapore

From the available transportation to Genting Highlands from Singapore, it seems that taking a bus will be more exciting that taking plane. On www.easybook.com/bus-singapore-genting, we can get many options for our bus journey to Genting Highlands from Singapore. We are guaranteed that the long journey will give us some pleasure.


Step by step to go to Genting Highlands

First thing we should do is choosing the date. The available buses to get to Genting Highlands are only on weekends. Then, we choose date and clear the weekend to get to an entertainment journey. As entertainment place, we could expect the place will be crowded and the transportation may be high. Some bus companies usually charge more because of public holidays or peak season. Therefore, planning carefully will help our holiday arranged well. We may need to book and buy the ticket in advance. The best rates usually are available long before the date.

There are many travel agencies which offer bus as the transportation from Singapore to Genting Highlands. Every agency offers different price. Besides that they usually have different time of departure. We can choose between WITS Travel, Five Stars Tours, Transtar Express, StarMart Express, Sri Maju Group and CitiExchange. We can compare the price and the date on the easybook.com. Otherwise, we can visit every agency’s website to find out the detail information. When we check the website, we should see the location, the time of the departure, and the time of the arrival. Averagely, the rates are started from 25 Dollars Singapore until 45 Dollars Singapore.

Nowadays, some of the bus agencies provide online booking. It will be useful for in advance book. If the online booking is not available, we will need to visit the office of sales center of the agencies to buy the ticket.

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