Low Cost Carrier

Harga tiket murah” is nothing. That is the new statement from one of Indonesian Transportation Ministry. He stated that low cost will affects the safety. However, the low cost gives the effect to the service that you will get from the Airlines. Therefore, what do you think about this? Alternatively, you can try to search that content in social media ads. The other simple way is follow your favorite Airlines’ social media, or try to follow all of Airlines’ social media.


Indonesian Airlines

It becomes a problem for middle class and the lower class. They cannot feel the enjoyment of flight and have everything fast and simple. There is no more under Rp 500.000 cost carrier to national destination. The fewer than 500k price is only for overbroad. However, the great things from it are that we will not need to pay airport tax anymore. The entire price is already included the airport tax.

Strategy to get the Low Cost

To go to the far destination in national place, you can try to select transit flight. It will save your money more. You can fly with the same Airline, but you also can choose different Airline. For example is from B to C you use Lion Airlines, but from C to D you can use Batik Air. You can feel relax about it as long as the flight time is well organized. You need to have insurance, at least in one Airline. Therefore, if you miss the next flight, the company will give you any compensation. You need less time about one until two hours for the next flight, if you fly with the same Airline. However, if you use different company, it would be better for you to have less time about 3-4 hours because you need to register your luggage again.

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