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jSince the executive bus is too mainstream, you can try to use the VIP bus. If you want to get it from Penang, you can try the Konsortium Bas Ekspress from Malaysia. Why is this bus very special? As one of the great and affordable Penang to Singapore bus, Konsortium offers you the VIP 27 with a television inside the bus. Whether you will depart in the evening, you still can make a good time by watching television when most of the passengers are choosing to sleep. Konsortium has two schedules only. Two buses depart at 23.30 from Butterworth. One bus will arrive in Golden Mile Tower and another one is in Woodland.

Ticket Price from

Whether adult or child, all of it should pay MYR 65.00. You can choose your seats now if you do the online booking. Do not worry about the payment method that provides by this company because all of the payment methods in any cards are available. What is the name of this company? it has been developed since 2005 and you can trust your vacation here.

Is the bus comfortable? All of the buses are recleaning and including the toilet inside. You also do not need to worry about the convenience seat in it because the buses are completed by air conditioning. Early booked will help you to get any seats you want. Therefore, it is better for you to arrange your vacation as soon as possible!

You come to the right page to visit because, in, you will get plenty information about it. is not only given you the information about the bus but also the schedule and the price so that you can get and reserve your vacation here. What is the name of the bus that can help you to have the executive journey? Billion Star Express is the only one of the executive bus in this case.

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