Pulau Konet Melaka

Konet Melaka


Pulau Konet Melaka is located at Telok Gong, Kuala Sungai Baru. It has always been known as a recreation area. However, some activities have polluted the island, even disturbing residents who live near the island, especially residents of Kampung Telok Gong.

Small Konet island overgrown lot grove of trees and a hillside on the edge of the beach is often used by young couples to perform activities that are less polite. The existence of the couple is very disturbing other visitors who come to this island for the purpose of worship and fishing.

Besides of activity of many young couples that are less polite, the visitors Pulau Konet Melaka are less likely to pay attention to the cleanliness of the beach. Residents and local community leaders seemed very responsive to conditions Konet Island today, so they are trying to improve the situation, so that the travelers feel comfortable visiting the small island.

The story of Pulau Konet Melaka

Pulau Konet Melaka has a story of the past as a place of detention or Bunian (similar to the elves). Before the villagers could continue to Konit Island, they have to go through the Mount Teluk Gong, a hilly area. The spirits of the inhabitants of the hill is applicable friendly with the villagers. Whenever there is a party, the villagers will go to the hill to borrow some kitchen utensils from the spirits. “Gong” will be played to indicate they arrived at the hill. Due to the frequent sounding “gong” hit, then the village was then called Kampung Telok Gong. Of the forest area that is still strong today Teluk Gong has turned into a small village complete infrastructure. However, traditional Malay heritage kept well preserved by the villagers, the motto “Bringing Loyal Nation”

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