The Journey from Singapore to Mersing

The attractions in Mersing have attracted people in Singapore to visit the city. The traditional places and beautiful natural tourism spots are interesting enough for Singaporeans who live daily in big city, such as Singapore. Amount of cities in Southeast Asia, Singapore can be classified as modern city. Mostly, people who live in the big modern city will need a day or two to relax from the hectic day and heavy traffic jam in the quite town. It seems that Mersing offers what they really need, from traditional market until beautiful beaches.


The transportation service from Singapore to Mersing

The access from Singapore to Mersing is very easy. The favorite transportation from Singapore to Mersing is bus. We can find several bus companies which offer service to travel from Singapore to Mersing. The journey from Singapore to Mersing will take two until four hours. It will depend on the traffic situation.

We can access Easybook.com for travel schedule. From that website, we get some information about the bus schedule from several companies. We can get the information of the Transnasional Coach Services which offers the service from The Plaza@ Beach Road to Mersing terminal. Then, there is The One Travel & Tours as other company that offers similar service. From this business company, we can get to Mersing from Golden Mile Complex. Then, the WTS Travel will pick up the passengers from Singapore Flyer. There is also Coach Center which offers the service from Textile Center. We can choose the bus company which is near our place.

When we are able to choose any bus company that offers the transportation to Mersing, we can choose from the time schedule. On the website, we can see detail information from the date and time of the schedule of each company. We can choose the suitable one with our condition.

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